HBR Article: Embracing Article

Havard Business Review posted an amazing article Embracing agile for agile adoption by Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of Scrum), Darrell K. Rigby and Hirotaka Takeuchi ( author of New Product Development Game which inspired Scrum), it is specified written with executives. Quoted: 

.When we ask executives what they know about agile, the response is usually an uneasy smile and a quip such as “Just enough to be dangerous.” They may throw around agile-related terms (“sprints,” “time boxes”) and claim that their companies are becoming more and more nimble. But because they haven’t gone through training, they don’t really understand the approach. Consequently, they unwittingly continue to manage in ways that run counter to agile principles and practices, undermining the effectiveness of agile teams in units that report to them.

The Article suggested that leaders should do the followings:

1. Learn How Agile Really Works

2. Understand Where Agile Does or Does Not Work

3. Start Small and Let the Word Spread

4. Allow “Master” Teams to Customize Their Practices

5. Practice Agile at the Top

6. Destroy the Barriers to Agile Behaviors

A really nice article and a must read for all leaders who want to adopt or further adopt Agile!

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